Come Work With Us

We are looking for extraordinary people interested in researching big data analytics, collaborative tools/processes, social media, program comprehension, malware analysis, and software visualization.

About the CHISEL Group

We are a focused and dedicated but awesomely fun group leading interesting research in computer science and software engineering. Many of our previous students and co-op developers have gone on to great things at Microsoft, Google, IBM, and many wonderful smaller tech companies. Some have also gone on to conduct research at universities around the world.

Our lab is based out of the University of Victoria's Engineering/Computer Science building. Victoria is a wonderful place to live and our campus is truly gorgeous: we're a short walk to the ocean, the University's Finnerty Gardens, and the view from our office is outstanding.

Do you want to do your Master's or PhD with us?

You will first need to apply to and be accepted by the University of Victoria. If you are applying for an NSERC or equivalent scholarship/fellowship, please feel free to contact us first.

When asking to study with Dr. Storey, please email us:

For potential MSc students: If you acquired research experience during your undergraduate degree, please tell us about it. Publications in respected conferences or international journals, an undergrad thesis, a Capstone project, an undergrad research assistant position or a directed studies project make you a stronger candidate.

For potential PhD students: Tell us about your previous graduate work and include PDFs of your thesis and your best and most recent publications. PhD applicants should have a strong background in computer science or software engineering research (or a related field).

Thank you for your interest in our research group. We receive many emails from prospective students and providing us with all of the requested information will help your email stand out!